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Lips Thumbnail Sexy Lips
Sexy Lips

A close up photograph of a pair of woman's lips; I used the extra zoom setting on my camera to achieve this level of detail. Yes, her make up is running; this was taken as part of a collection of Photos, though this one is striking because of the contrast of her lipstick.

Burning Meteor Thumbnail Burning Meteor
Photoshop Burning Meteor

This was made for a tutorial I wrote on Identify Design. It uses a variety of filters and some awesome channel texture manipulations to create a vivid, high contrast flame effect. The meteor was assembled from scratch using only one rock texture!

Cheryl Pop Art Thumbnail Cheryl Pop Art
Pop Art Portrait of Cheryl Cole

I developed a style that I felt looked brilliant; an image comprised of literally thousands of dots that, when viewed from afar, looked like any ordinary Photo. The results were stunning and I have tried it on several photos; this being the best.

3D Cubes Thumbnail Glowing 3D Cubes
3D Glowing Cubes

When playing with lighting effects I realised a 3D object looked 3D chiefly because of the lighting. These 3D glowing cubes summarise this; they were made as part of a prototype Portfolio design which is really worth a look: Live 3D Glowing Cubes.

Portrait Thumbnail Brunette Portrait
Brunette Portrait

A portrait of a good and attractive friend of mine who kindly agreed to pose like an idiot. A beautiful photo that was accepted onto one or two stock websites, too!

Sunrise Thumbnail Sunrise Landscape
Sunrise Landscape

A photo of sunrise over the Exeter skyline, as seen from my back window at 6:15am. I had just got home from a long night out (sober, though) and decided to grab my camera since sunrise was only 10 minutes away!

Anime Character Thumbnail Anime Character
Manga Style Anime Sketch

And we come onto the beast; the anime sketch. This took a staggering 40 hours to complete and was hand drawn from scratch using a graphics tablet and Illustrator. I then coloured and shaded it in Photoshop. One of my finest pieces of work.

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