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XHTML Strict and HTML5

It was at high school that I started teaching myself HTML and for the eight years that followed I have been creating content for the web. I am currently learning all the new HTML5 declarations and have an excellent, up to date understanding of web trends and standards with XHTML.

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Creative Suite 5

Creative Suite 5

In 2002 my father leant me his copy of PaintShop Pro and my graphics design career began. I have been using Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Fireworks to create high quality, realistic and clean designs for years for both print and digital media. I regularly 'play' in Photoshop to improve.

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Cascading Stylesheets 3.0

I picked up Stylesheets for the first time in 2005. In the six years that have followed CSS3 has become my strongest web development skill. Clean layouts, interactive trickery and custom media handling is just a few of the endless tricks I can do with CSS3.

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Object Orientated PHP

I first began learning PHP in 2006 and haven't looked back. In that time I've developed an array of CMS, Blog and Forum scripts and transitioned over to the PDO Object Orientated Engine, which I code in today.

Check out my CAPTCHA Script that I'm currently working on.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Even if a site's the best site in the world, it won't get anywhere without being Search Engine friendly. Understanding what makes Google and friends tick has been a skill developed through trial and error, as well as extended reading. I like to keep myself up to date with current trends.

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Anyone can point a camera and press a button, but not anyone can take a good Photo. Photography is a hobby of mine that I enjoy with a passion; if something's happening or if I'm going somewhere I'll always be seen with my camera taking snaps whenever possible.

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Excellent English

English Language Skills

One thing that I have always prided myself on is my excellent English skills. At high school and college English were my favourite subjects and this keen interest has maintained through my freelance career. I'll let you be the judge yourself, though, as it's hard to prove it without writing an essay!

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120wpm Touch Typist

120 WPM Touch Typist

What's the point of creating the most amazing website if it takes you three years to do it? I am an exceptionally fast touch typist with a near zero error rate. Ths helps me work to an efficient and quick high standard. It also makes taking notes or minutes a walk in the park!

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