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Sunrise Thumbnail Sunrise Landscape
Sunrise Landscape

A photo of sunrise over the Exeter skyline, as seen from my back window at 6:15am. I had just got home from a long night out (sober, though) and decided to grab my camera since sunrise was only 10 minutes away!

Portrait Thumbnail Brunette Portrait
Brunette Portrait

A portrait of a good and attractive friend of mine who kindly agreed to pose like an idiot. A beautiful photo that was accepted onto one or two stock websites, too!

Church Thumbnail Church Sunrise
Church Sunrise

This photo was taken from my window at 6:15am one September morning; it shows the sun rising over Mount Dinham Church in Exeter.

Birds Thumbnail Snow Birds
Snow Birds

A photo that always makes me chuckle; two little birds stood in the ice on the River Exe. What I like about this photo is they look like they're talking to each other, probably asking why they're stood on the ice like a pair of melons.

Dog Thumbnail Doggy

During the heavy snowfall in 2010 I took my camera out. I tried many times to snap the dog in this photo but the snow proved too tempting. He finally stopped running around and stood motionless for a few seconds, as if posing and allowing me to snap him!

Snow Fields Thumbnail Snowy Fields
Snowy Fields

I do love landscape Photography and I took this photo of the playing fields in Exeter during the heavy snowfall in 2010. This was the heaviest snow I can remember and it was very out of the ordinary.

Lips Thumbnail Sexy Lips
Sexy Lips

A close up photograph of a pair of woman's lips; I used the extra zoom setting on my camera to achieve this level of detail. Yes, her make up is running; this was taken as part of a collection of Photos, though this one is striking because of the contrast of her lipstick.

Signpost Thumbnail Ironic Sign
Ironic Sign

A good photographer captures an epic or comical moment. This sign, saying "FLOOD DIVERSION ROUTE", is out of place in a Photograph that is covered by white snow with the frozen river in the background.

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