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Burning Meteor Thumbnail Burning Meteor
Photoshop Burning Meteor

This was made for a tutorial I wrote on Identify Design. It uses a variety of filters and some awesome channel texture manipulations to create a vivid, high contrast flame effect. The meteor was assembled from scratch using only one rock texture!

Website Thumbnail Identify Design
Identify Design

This is a website I started working on in 2009 in order to have a project to learn new skills with. The CMS is coded from scratch, although the site has fallen in decline since due to time. I am currently working behind the scenes on a newer, better version: Take a look!

Cheryl Pop Art Thumbnail Cheryl Pop Art
Pop Art Portrait of Cheryl Cole

I developed a style that I felt looked brilliant; an image comprised of literally thousands of dots that, when viewed from afar, looked like any ordinary Photo. The results were stunning and I have tried it on several photos; this being the best.

3D Cubes Thumbnail Glowing 3D Cubes
3D Glowing Cubes

When playing with lighting effects I realised a 3D object looked 3D chiefly because of the lighting. These 3D glowing cubes summarise this; they were made as part of a prototype Portfolio design which is really worth a look: Live 3D Glowing Cubes.

Electro-Fluid Thumbnail Electro-Fluid
Electronic Looking Liquid

This was the product of one of my many 'play' sessions in Photoshop. Only filters are used here, which makes the result even better. I couldn't tell you what it's supposed to be; such is the joy of Photoshop, we're not always sure. It looks good, though.

Website Thumbnail Objective Wealth
Objective Wealth

A recent piece of work done for a client. This website has a simple design (per client request) and uses HTML and CSS to generate the content. Only a little PHP is used on this design, and it doesn't use any CMS.

Anime Character Thumbnail Anime Character
Manga Style Anime Sketch

And we come onto the beast; the anime sketch. This took a staggering 40 hours to complete and was hand drawn from scratch using a graphics tablet and Illustrator. I then coloured and shaded it in Photoshop. One of my finest pieces of work.

Lightning Sylar Thumbnail Animated Lightning
Animated Lightning Effect

Made as part of a tutorial on Identify Design, this effect is simple but effective. Later exploration lead to further improvements, but this is where it began; in Image Ready, no less!

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