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About My Website is the succulent slice of internet pie I like to call my own. It's a place that friends, fellow designers and potential employers can view my work in a clearly presented, easy to browse manner. The theme meets all current web standards and trends and is optimised to meet current search engine standards. This, of course, is relative to the time of construction; December 6th 2011.

Development and ConstructionGo Back Up

The website was made in Photoshop and Notepad++, from scratch, except for the plank background texture. This was taken from a stock website because it was a lot easier than finding a random house to take photos of a wooden plank wall. I'm not sure the occupants would have appreciated that, either.

For any fellow developers out there do feel free to view my source and have a look around. I have always prided myself on tidy source codes that make them easier for other developers to analyse. I have not arranged it perfectly, but it's clear and tabbed enough to manage.

My website is using a very basic CMS that I made to meet my very simplistic needs. It is developed on a MySQLi platform and powered by PHP.

What does the domain mean?Go Back Up

I get asked this question a lot! The domain was purchased on 18th December 2006. When purchasing a domain for personal use I wanted a random, irrelevant address. It was originally intended to be used as a storage site and not to house any public content. As the years have gone by, however, it has slowly turned into somewhere I begin directing people to when showcasing a project or some development research.

The term 'Celestial' literally refers to objects or people relating to heaven or the sky. For example, the moon and the stars are celestial objects and angels are celestial beings. For the record I am in no way religious; that was not the motivation in purchasing this address. Unfortunately, in the space between writing this and the time of purchase, I have forgotten why I went with Celestial. The six, however, refers to my lucky number upside down; 9, another clever way of being different... Or something like that.

For years it housed only a splash page deflecting people away from the site: View the old (and pathetic) splash page. Its contents were literally a cartoon cat telling people there wasn't anything on the site. This wasn't true, as behind the scenes is folders and folders of screenshots, photographs, downloads, images and more from years of freelance design and development, as well as general items from my everyday life that I deemed interesting enough to share with friends.

As of December 8th 2011, I have formally made my portfolio address and welcome everyone to browse around my work.

The Handwriting FontGo Back Up

Unfortunately the font used on this website is not my own handwriting. My handwriting is too tidy and uncharacteristic to be used on a jovial theme. The font I'm using is called 'Of Wildflowers and Wings' created by Brittney Murphy. You can download the font for free personal and non-commercial use over at its page on

As you can see, it's a very sleak but legible handwriting font practical for use on websites.

InspirationGo Back Up

When I've considered the best approach for a personal site I've often thought of elaborate plans that never come to much. The reason behind this is the idea fizzles into oblivion due to the obscure nature or originality. In my eyes, a portfolio should not be the most grand website an individual has made. It should feel messy and untidy, because this is the level of control over a freelance professional's work.

With that said, however, there's a fine line between artistically messy and chaos. In keeping with this fact, I decided to create a noticeboard theme. In life, what's messier but more organised than a noticeboard? It was this realisation that led to the development of this site and the noticeboard, scrap paper theme.